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The 411

  • I Am Free Collection by Karen Hunter

    , by Global Majority I Am Free Collection by Karen Hunter

    The “I Am Free” collection is an affirmation for what we are individually and who we must be collectively.  ‘I AM FREE’ is our mantra!”—Karen...

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  • Marcus Garvey

    , by Global Majority Marcus Garvey

    The Global Majority x Marcus Garvey Drop celebrates the man that inspired every major black movement of the 20th century, and progenitor of the modern...

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  • Karen Hunter and The Global Majority presents Octavia Butler the godmother of Afro-Futurism.

    , by Global Majority Octavia Butler

    Octavia Butler is the godmother of Afro-Futurism.  She imagined a world that not only included us, but where we participated in creating what that world...

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