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TGM Easy Exchange is intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient. Whether it's initiating a return or tracking the progress of an exchange, everything is seamlessly integrated, making the exchange process incredibly smooth. It gives our shoppers peace of mind by giving them the chance to snag the last item in stock before it sells out. 

  • TGM Easy Exchange is a game-changer. You can get everything you want on every exchange, and we’ve made it easy-peasy to complete a return.5/5 Karen Hunter

How does TGM Easy Exchange work:

  1. You can handle your exchanges on your own time, using our self-serve TGM Easy Exchange portal so you can choose what to exchange as quickly and as conveniently right from your smartphone.
  2. Login into your customer account by entering your email address and your order number.
  3. You have the exclusive chance to snag the last item in stock before it sells out.
  4. You can apply the value of your return to shop our catalog for any product you want. 
  5. Once you find a product you love, you can check out as if you were shopping. 
  6. Exchanging items is simple: Print out the return label and return your exchange to your local UPS. 
  7. TGM Easy Exchange allows you the ability to track each step of your exchange in real time right from your smartphone.


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